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Work in a productive, collegial atmosphere without the bureaucratic constraints of a large firm.

Receive a generous payout compared to industry standards.

P.R. Herzig & Co., Inc., a registered investment adviser and FINRA/SIPC member broker-dealer established in 1957,  welcomes inquiries from independent minded registered representatives, portfolio managers and hedge fund managers.

We Require

  • An established client base that generates, or has the potential to generate, $500,000 or more in gross commissions or fees

  • A commitment to maintaining a high standard of ethics

We Provide

  • Attractive individual offices for most professionals

  • Reuters data and news feeds and broadband internet connections on each desk

  • An experienced trading desk, with the capability to execute transactions in thinly traded securities and foreign securities

  • Staff to help with client support

  • Bloomberg terminal

  • Numerous sources of sell-side and independent research

  • An analyst who functions as a research director

  • Experienced and successful investment professionals with whom to exchange ideas

  • Axys portfolio management software to help service customer accounts

  • A convenient location close to North Shore communities with quick access to New York City

Our Clearing Firm Provides

P.R. Herzig & Co. has contracted with Pershing LLC, one of the largest clearing firms in the U.S., to perform most back office functions. Under the clearing arrangement, Pershing provides:

  • Direct access to most stock exchanges

  • Electronic execution of trades (P.R. Herzig & Co. executes NASDAQ trades directly with other NASD broker/dealers)

  • Settlement of trades in securities listed on exchanges outside the U.S.

  • Trade processing, and mailing of confirmations and monthly statements to clients of P.R. Herzig & Co. in our name.

  • Many compliance oversight functions

  • Access to mutual funds, money market funds, and check writing privileges.

  • Online access by brokers to clients' accounts 24/7 through a secure connection from any internet-connected PC



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